golf holidays at hotel garbe in the algarve portugal


1) When we send you an order confirmation, please check it.

2) Correct flight details and times are essential for car hire, please provide correct information.

3) Please be aware that pre-booking golf on your arrival day can be costly. If the flight is delayed and the tee time is missed, the course will charge a "No Show" and there will be no refunds or replay on another day!!

4) Try to make sure that when booking a group that you are not overly optimistic about your eventual numbers, as this may stop you from getting golf you could have had. Equally, if later you try to increase the group, this could well be impossible !!

5) Buggies cannot be pre-booked. Some courses will take a booking the day before, but often very reluctantly, and only if the client can plead that they have special needs. This needs to be done locally. Buggies will not be allowed on the courses following bad weather, under any circumstances, for obvious reasons.

6) Unlike the courses in Northern Europe, Portuguese courses make most of their income from visitors, who all want to come in the same months or weeks.
You MUST understand, that you will not be allowed to play as two balls or three balls. For example, nine players will be 4,3,2 and not 3*3, unless the client wishes to pay for the 12 green fees.To play as two or three balls, the only chance they have is in the very quiet times, i.e. July, August & December, and even this is at the discretion of the course on the day.

7) Dress Codes: Although we are normally dealing with experienced golfers, there have been occasions where clients have gone to the courses incorrectly dressed.
In most cases, they are simply NOT allowed to play, with NO REFUND.
The courses are top quality golf courses, and demand professional golf dress and etiquette. Short socks ARE allowed with tailored shorts, and all shirts must have collars and sleeves.

8) Handicap Restrictions: These are shown on the green fee rates sheet. All courses which state handicap limits have a right to ask to see the certificates, and often do.
The courses are becoming stricter about this, and some of them will NOT allow clients to play without seeing a valid certificate. In this event clients are simply NOT allowed to play, regardless of what they say their golfing ability is.

9) Soft Spikes: Most of the courses now require golfers to wear soft spikes on their shoes. These courses also offer a service, with a small charge to change spikes. If golf shoes have some spikes that cannot be removed, (due to rusting etc. or design) the choice is to buy another pair of shoes, or lose the green fee.

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